Wasi-bee aka Dr Wasana Bandara

I am a tenured Senior Lecturer in Business Process Management at Information Systems School, Queensland University of Technology.  I co-ordinate the Masters of Business Process Management (BPM) and conduct research in BPM and Information Systems (IS).

More recently my research has focused on BPM and ICT for development in particular on Business Process Management expertise and capability building and ICT enabled organisational transformations in emerging economies.  I have published over 70 refereed articles in leading IS and BPM outlets and have received institutional, national and international awards in recognition for my academic excellence (for both research and teaching).  For more information, see my personal web page on http://www.wasanabandara.com.

What I love about my job:

  • The ability to inspire and BE inspired.
  • The freedom and autonomy I have to work on ANY topic I like.
  • The ability to constantly learn and apply new things- ANYthing my heart desires to learn.
  • Meeting amazing people from across the globe and being able to work with them beyond boundaries.
  • The ability to make dreams come true (my dreams, but also those of who I teach and work with).


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Web sites I like to visit:

TedX- http://www.ted.com/

Short films on youtube

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