Violet Ninja aka Pia Waugh

I'm the Director of Government 2.0 and Coordination, Department of Finance, Australia

I'm an open government, open source and open data geek and I love my job.  I have worked in industry, academia and government and now I work in the Australian Public Service looking at how to improve government use of technology and how to enhance democracy in the digital age.  I love the challenges and fast pace of my job, but mostly the possibilities that technology has for improving society and the lives of people everywhere.  My current role is the Director of Coordination and Gov 2.0 for the Australian Government Chief Technology Officer at the Department of Finance.  My other hobbies include Kung Fu, music and adventuring to remote and awesome places like Antarctica.

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I am a community leader both in Australia and internationally.  I am a founding member of OLPC Australia, and OLPC Friends - a community-based organisation focused on bringing the OLPC vision to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.  I was at various times also the President of Software Freedom International, the President (then VP) of Linux Australia, and on the 2007 organising team. 

I have spoken at Software Livre in Brazil, FOSS events in China, the Open Source World Conferences in Spain, the World Summit of Information Society (United Nations) in Switzerland, in New Zealand and, education au, Making Links, various #TechGirls events and many more in Australia!

I am passionate about improving the world by getting great technologies to people who need them, and creating a well-connected global society where anyone can play and succeed.

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