TECHYMINER / KATZCOVE / ALEXIA aka Taynah McMurtrie, Kate Rogers, Alyssa Bremner (Age 10)

3RD PRIZE WINNERS in the 2014 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero

Taynah, Kate & Alyssa are in year 4 at the Whitsunday Anglican School, Queensland

Taynah, Kate and Alyssa's project is a Minecraft Adventure Map (MAM) that informs people about cyber safety. They are all motivated by their own experiences being bullied in school. The game is targeted at grade 3-7 girls and boys, and it has fun level names like Katztopia, Techy Time and  Maze Mania to engage the audience. The game teleports you to different levels depending on your answers to certain questions about cyber bullying. A hard to get out of  maze with chests scattered throughout with clues about cyber bullying and cyber safety educate the players.

Taynah's superpower is flexibility, Alyssa has invisibility, and Kate is a shape shifter.