Team QUT

Kate Devitt aka Cythena

I'm an Associate Lecturer in Information Systems in the Faculty of Science and Engineering and a Research Fellow at the Institute for Future Environments at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).  I am on the Leadership team of the IntelliSensing Enabling Platform that seeks to undertake and enable research to transform data collection, modelling, analytics, and decision making.

I like asking 'why'?  I view the world from a lot of different angles.  I think about how our minds create theories of the world, then science tests those theories and builds stuff like rockets that reach the moon. It's pretty amazing what humans can achieve when we work together.

I hold an honours degree in the History and Philosophy of Science and Psychology from the University of Melbourne where I specialised in the cognitive science of statistical decision-making.  I hold a PhD in philosophy and Graduate Certificate in cognitive science from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.  My PhD constructed a new cognitive model of decision-making combining Bayesian rationality and empirically grounded virtue epistemology.  My research focuses on cognitive information science, rationality, decision-making and data epistemology.  I create cognitive models for informed decision-making across a broad range of contexts and industry applications.  Some of the projects I am currently working on is how to elicit expert information from growers and agronomists in agriculture and horticulture and how to use this information to guide the design of optimal ways of presenting information to a diversity of decision makers.

One part of my job is to teach Masters of Information Science students about how to create and manage libraries and databases of the future.  The other part of my job is to research how our minds and technology work together to help us thrive in an age of big data, virtual interconnectedness, and increasing urgency to save the planet.  I am passionate about using philosophical insight, cognitive science and data to answer big questions about why the world is working the way it is and how we can innovate to do better.

Outside of work I am a huge water baby.  I love splashing around in water whether that's surfing, snorkling, swimming laps, doing handstands, playing 'Marco Polo' or in the bath with a good book.  I love camping, horse-riding, hiking and sailing.  I was a sea scout growing up in Melbourne so I learnt a lot about sailing and outdoor skills.  My family grew up camping by the beach and it's still my favourite holiday. 

I have two kids, a husband, two cats and a house in a forest with our own little creek at the bottom of the garden for adventures

Wasana Bandara aka Wasi-bee

I am a tenured Senior Lecturer in Business Process Management at Information Systems School, Queensland University of Technology.  I co-ordinate the Masters of Business Process Management (BPM) and conduct research in BPM and Information Systems (IS).

More recently my research has focused on BPM and ICT for development in particular on Business Process Management expertise and capability building and ICT enabled organisational transformations in emerging economies.  I have published over 70 refereed articles in leading IS and BPM outlets and have received institutional, national and international awards in recognition for my academic excellence (for both research and teaching).  For more information, see my personal web page on

What I love about my job:

  • The ability to inspire and BE inspired.
  • The freedom and autonomy I have to work on ANY topic I like.
  • The ability to constantly learn and apply new things- ANYthing my heart desires to learn.
  • Meeting amazing people from across the globe and being able to work with them beyond boundaries.
  • The ability to make dreams come true (my dreams, but also those of who I teach and work with).

Anna Kalma aka Spark Girl

I'm a Student Ambassador for Queensland University of Technology

I absolutely love my job.  This job allows me the chance to speak to students who are trying to understand what the next step for themselves is.  I hear so many wonderful stories from students who are passionate about subjects and want to learn more about them.  I also get the chance to help students discover new interests and learn about areas.  Some which they never would have considered.  Seeing a student smile after understanding something is one of the best rewards possible. 

I recently met a famous artist who made the comment during our conversation, that “Failure is the outcome of doing something challenging”.  I think this statement highlights one of the most often overlooked areas.  If you do not get something the first time, do not give up or despair; keep working towards it.