Team Microsoft

Michelle Sandford aka ICT Angel

Tedx Speaker, Tech Girl Superhero, Microsoftie and
1 of MCV’s 100 Most Influential Women in Games 2016

Michelle Sandford is a popular choice for speaking on diversity in Tech, women and young people in the Tech Industry, and the benefits of Games – all delivered with an inspirational and motivational flair. Michelle is the Vice Chair of the Australian Computer Society in WA, and one of their Executive Board Members.  Michelle is also a member of the WAITTA Organising Committee.  Her Tech Industry experience includes working for IBM Global Business Services and Microsoft.  Michelle lives life by running to stay one jump ahead of the Gameboy and by striving to think outside the Xbox.  She surfs waves and webs. Michelle is the Founder and Global President of TechOutsiders.

Haneesha Nimmagadda aka Eureka

I work as a User Experience consultant at Microsoft.  I’m passionate about creating inclusive solutions where technology is helping change and impact peoples way of life and work.  My journey to technology was not something that I aspired to when I was young.  I initially wanted to be a doctor. Despite the change in path, one thing that remains the same is ultimately helping people.  I realised that technology was a great platform to achieve breadth and scale.  I’ve experienced firsthand the stereotypes of this industry but it only makes me want to flip that on its edge.   I’m also very passionate about encouraging the next generation to understand the vast opportunities that this industry has to offer.  I’m lucky to oversee a portfolio of STEM/Women in IT programmes that Microsoft Australia deliver.

So make sure you follow your passion and your dreams will follow!


Katrina Turner aka KATgirl

I build connections and bridges between for-profit companies and for-purpose organisations, to maximise social impact.  I moved from Microsoft over to a charity that saves lives, and now I get to encourage others to save lives without leaving work!
I am passionate about empowering young women to dream big and achieve their career and professional ambitions.  Right now it's going to take about 80 years to see men and women equally represented in leadership positions, and I want to help that happen sooner.
My superhero KatGirl can talk to animals - giving a voice to the voiceless, and promoting compassion and empathy.


Clarisse Reyes aka Sipher 

One of the things I am passionate about is encouraging girls to aim high and imagine themselves in a non-traditional career that can help them change the world using their unique talents.  I know 100% that there are careers in technology that we haven’t even dreamed of today and this is what makes the Technology field exciting.


Samantha Said aka SKYGirl

I work as a Support Engineer for partners and customers using our business solution product, Dynamics AX.  I love that I can help people in my role and even though I am based in Sydney, I work with people around the world.  My Superhero, SkyGirl can fly; How lucky is she to be able to travel so easily!  I have recently had a little girl and can’t wait for her to experience what the world has to offer.