Team Google - Skema aka Sally-Ann Williams & Matia aka Marie Efstathiou

Sally-Ann Williams is the Engineering Community & Outreach Manager for Google Australia.  Marie Efstathiou is the Program Coordinator for the team.

Together we are responsible for a broad portfolio of programs including managing Google’s efforts in CS and STEM education & outreach (K-12), research collaborations with universities and entrepreneurship and startup engagement. Google’s CS/STEM education engagement is a collaborate effort with over 55 partnerships & programs designed to inspire students, equip teachers, and connect the community to the possibilities careers in CS. One of these partnerships is with the Tech Girls are Superhero's movement & program.

Working on such a broad number of partnerships means that there is no typical workday. One day might be filled with running robotics workshops for teachers, another might be figuring out how to do Hangouts on Air from under water, and another with meetings with partners to advocate for curriculum change for future generations. Everything we do is to equip, inspire and grow the next generation of innovators in Australia.

We also work with the startup community collaborating with co-working spaces, incubators and accelerators, universities and the public sector to build and grow the ecosystem.  Startups drive innovation and change in society and we're excited by the potential for students when they get the skills they need in computer science, as well as a passion for solving big programs to build businesses that will change the world from right here in Australia.

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