STORYTELLER aka Emilie Morscheck (Age 17)

2ND PLACE WINNER in the 2014 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero

Emilie is a year 12 student at Dickson College in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Emilie's tech idea is titled: Beauty Is Only A Photoshop Layer Deep. What if you could scan the bar-code on any magazine cover with you device of choice and see the original image of the cover before it was photo-shopped? What if you could scan a billboard? An image on the bus? What would you see? The answer is already beautiful people who have been "touched-up" to represent an idealistic view of beauty that is held by only a small percent of the population. 

Emilie believes that having a free app that exposes the cover-ups in the media could go a long way to promoting body confidence in young women. Her proposed app would help to destroy the negative body image that the media promotes. Not everyone can be tall, thin and flawless, and not everyone should be. But healthy body image is more than changing the way the media represent women it is about building confidence in women all of ages to be proud of who they are. Her proposed idea for an app would have five main categories; media, style for all body types, health, exercise and support services with access to further resources.

Emilie loves technology and wants study engineering at university. She love physics and learning how the world works. Her dream involves going overseas and working on humanitarian projects with an opportunity to reduce human impact on the environment. Sh'e not just into science however! She also loves to tell stories and create new worlds. She's dabbled in video game creation and she writes fiction.

Emilie's superpower is her ability to create worlds and tell a story through multiple mediums. She's a writer at heart and loves to weave narratives.