SKYgirl aka Samantha Said

I'm a Support Engineer for Microsoft Dynamics AX at Microsoft

There are two reasons why I love my job:  I love helping people and I love solving problems. 

In my role as a Support Engineer at Microsoft, I get to help people resolve issues they are encountering in Microsoft Dynamics AX, whilst working for an awesome company.  I support the APGC region which includes countries from New Zealand through to India.  I collaborate closely with the Development Team who are primarily based in the USA to resolve issues.

I love working with people from around the globe.  I have previously been based in the UK and the Middle East.

Troubleshooting and solving problems can often be difficult, which for me, is what makes the job so interesting.  The challenge to resolve the problem and the satisfaction you get when the user no longer encounters the issue is extremely rewarding.

Having a European background, I have always been interested in travelling overseas.  I spent a number of months travelling through Europe in my late teens and early twenties.  A few years later I was offered a position to be based in the UK and the Middle East for approximately a year and half.  I loved being in my early twenties, living overseas, and experiencing new things.

I read the news everyday online and keep up-to-date with what’s happening around the world.  I also find myself reading loads of articles online that are shared in social media via either Facebook or LinkedIn.  I love continuing to learn new skills and am always up for a new challenge.

I love exploring the beautiful beaches of Australia and snorkeling.  I have recently been to the Great Barrier Reef and swam with beautiful sea turtles, amazingly coloured fish and the gorgeous coral.

I also volunteer within Microsoft to talk to high school students about what it is like working at Microsoft, giving them the opportunity to hear about the benefits of working for a technology company.