Sipher aka Haneesha Nimmagadda

I'm a User Experience (UX) Consultant at Microsoft

I'm a wannabe doctor turned tech girl with a thirst for knowledge for the world of entrepreneurship and technology. I started my love affair with technology building a website at the age of 7.  Navigating HTML and seeing pages come to life over my dial up connection was like a miracle.

Whilst studying Software Engineering, I spent much time focussing on the user-centric aspect of things, while at the same time helping nurture a hub of entrepreneurship at the University Of Auckland (SPARK).  The crossover of the two worlds allowed me to surround myself with passionate driven individuals, who constantly inspire me to challenge the norm and to join the revolution to inspire the next generation. 

Working at Microsoft is like being at the centre of innovation. As technology evolves and embeds itself into our day-to-day life, it enables us to make faster, better decisions, unleashing a whole new world of opportunities. 

I love coming to work to be part of team with a common goal. Biting into challenges to make the world a better place, whether that’s though our devices, services, solutions or getting involved with the community. #noPlaceIdRatherBe

Fave websites: FB, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest. 

Random: Cannot live without my laptop and phone.  Hip Hop & RnB music really gets me into the thinking and coding zone.

Fave books: Inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s book “Lean in”.  There is something magical about Roald Dahl’s work that makes you believe anything is possible.