SHieldA aka Kristine Helen Falgren

Had you have asked me when I was a kid if I wanted to be a CEO and work with startups and entrepreneurs when I grew up, I would most likely not have known what either a startup or an entrepreneur was.  I would have answered you no.  Had you have asked me whether I wanted to work with tech, I would definitely have said NO.

I would have said no, because I wouldn’t have known then what I know now; that tech in itself is not the end goal – it’s a means to an end – a tool with which you can do great things. Good examples of that is two different startups which I have been lucky to work with.  Both of these startups, use tech to empower children with ADHD and to improve their lives.  How cool is that!

What I Iove most about my job is that it is extremely varied and I get to meet wonderful people.  Some of my work requires a lot of research and concentration – for example when you need to grasp a new technology, trying to figure out how it could be used.  At other times, I need to be really outgoing (wasn’t easy in the beginning) and go out to meet new people at conferences, and even abroad.  I am also trusted with a lot of freedom to direct my work but of course I also have a lot of responsibility.  It is perfectly ok though as it is so much fun.

In my spare time I like to:
• Travel: the nicest place I have ever visited was Monet’s garden in Giverny.
• Go to art museums and galleries.  My favourite artists are Cy Twombly and Antoni Tàpies.
• Nourish my passion for everything related to cooking (especially eating at nice restaurants).
• Dream about owning a farm-house surrounded by beautiful nature.   I have this idea, that it would be awesome to be a self-sufficient farmer one day.
• My favourite band is Echo & The Bunnymen.
• My favourite movie is Ella Enchanted and Steel Magnolias.

Recommended reading (Most of them are supposedly children’s books, but I think they can be read at all ages) :)