Scriptrix aka Monica Hubele


In my spare time...

  • Read everything and anything I can get my hands on from fantasy and comics through to academic journals.
  • Write, both horror and fantasy, short-stories and novel-length.
  • Archery and Muay Thai.
  • Play games, but with a games design degree that sort of goes without saying.
  • Brainstorm, design and eventually program small games to keep my skills up and for fun.
  • Cook. A lot. Probably too much but then again, my housemates never complain.

Freelance Game Developer

It's been a bit of a strange road to get to where I am at the moment.  I started with a psychology degree (including an honours year).  I decided to move to games design, and whilst I stressed about the choice at the time, it has been my best decision so far.

With seven years of university behind me and a nice collection of papers on my desk, I now spend most of my time working between my own game projects and freelance I.T. work.  It’s not something I thought I would be doing when I left high school but I couldn’t be happier. The variable schedule and the ability to do most of my work from home means I rarely get bored.  I’m always challenged and have time to work on my own things in my free time.  Being able to work in my pyjamas is definitely a plus too on the days I don’t need to go anywhere.

Recommended reading (in no particular order - obligatory caution that some of these have adult themes but I've tried to keep it mostly teenage-friendly)