RANDOM ACCESS aka Lana Eve (Age 13)

Lana Eve is in year 7 at Toorona High School, Tasmania

Lana  takes a different approach to combat bullying. She wants to create a resource that helps kids build resilience and confidence to help them cope with social conflict at school and in the wider world.

Lana's idea is to promote resilience instead of trying to get rid of bullies. Lana believes there will always be bad people, no matter how much you tell people to be nice, there will always be people who won't stop. There is nothing anyone can do about that. Balance is very important, without white you can't have black and without black you can't have white, that is just the way things are. So instead of letting people be sad about how mean people are, we need to teach people to be stronger. We still need to tell people that being mean is bad, but people need to learn to be more resilient. There are quite a number of ways to make this a reality! Kids need to be told that bullies are always going to be around and they have to deal with it, they also need to be told what they say is worthless.

Lana has been a gamer for a few years and has realized it is very rare to come across another girl, she feels it can prove a pain to be constantly surrounded by boys. Lana feels it would be really cool to get more girls into technology! She's also been into technology for a long time. When she was 6, she was showing my friends how to get onto ebay. When she was 11, she was modifying the programming for her favorite game, minecraft, and recently she fixed the broken screens of iPhones and iPods and have completely taken apart and rebuilt a desktop computer! She is also building herself a new computer part by part, as her old computer got too slow for her games. Lana feels the technology industry is definitely over run by boys, if she goes into the computer room at lunch times, her friends and I are usually the only girls! 

Lana's superpower is to have the ability to go into computer games and play as a character in the game. She chose this power to enhance the gaming experience.