NVisible aka Prachi Redey

I'm a Clinical Trials Administrator for Clinical Network Services (CNS) Pty Ltd

Have you ever heard of the Nuremberg Code?  It is a set of ethical principles put into place to protect the rights of subjects in a clinical trial – that is essentially my job!  Documentation is the keystone of clinical trials as it helps regulatory bodies keep track of them and ensure subject safety.  My job is to keep track of, and provide administrative support to the clinical trial projects I am assigned to.  




It is a busy job as I am working on over 10 projects at any given time, but I absolutely love it!  I get to see the new advances made in medicine every day and pave the way to help people.  It is very satisfying when a project you are working on comes to completion and you know your job will contribute to making a drug product or medical device available to the public.

The reason I did Biomedical Engineering was that I was fascinated with how technology and the human body fit together – how modelling and physical principles could be applied to simplify a complex system such as the human body. People associate biomedical engineering with working in a lab or in a medical device company, however, it can lead to many different paths and I have found a job that allows me to use my knowledge in an indirect way and help people.

I love to read and re-read…

They could write gibberish and I’d still read it…. Tolkien, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Dan Brown

Other bits and bobs about me

  • I am currently a foster carer for RSPCA and have a lovely foster cat called Missy.
  • I am a volunteer member on the QLD committee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) and Vice-Chair for their Young Professionals group for QLD. 
  • I am the Program Coordinator and on the Organising Committee for IEEE ANZSCON 2014 – an Australia New Zealand Student Congress with expected delegate number of 100 in July.
  • I am learning how to salsa … It is so much fun and so much harder than it looks!!
  • I love dresses and perfumes!
  • Oh…and I have superhero alter ego, (Ssshh! It’s a secret!) that only the #TechGirls are aware of!