Maggie Hardy aka Serendipita


An internationally recognised leader in her field, Dr Maggie Hardy has her PhD in Chemistry and is an expert known for her contributions to evidence-based policy.  She is a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, is a Director for the Tech Girls Movement Foundation, and is a member of the Executive Advisory Board of Bravehearts.  Her research is applied across a number of sectors, including drug discovery and delivery, public health, agriculture, biosecurity, export, and agribusiness. She is an advocate for equity and diversity in higher education and careers in research, and has a particular interest in open access discovery programs.  In addition to her research, Dr Hardy is a wife and mother.

Mathilde Desselle aka Dynazap


Mathilde is a STEM engagement professional in the space of academic and industrial life sciences research and a director for not-for-profit organisations supporting school girls and women in science and technology.
She is an experienced manager for biomedical research programs and facilities in the academic fields of genomics, bioinformatics and drug discovery, and is currently the marketing and outreach manager for a global, open-access, multi-million dollar antibiotics discovery research program at The University of Queensland Centre for Superbug Solutions.
She has been a life sciences director for Women in Technology since 2014, representing the life sciences membership on the board as Chair of the Life Science Chapter, and is a director on the newly founded Tech Girls Movement Foundation.  She is a member of the Queensland Science Communicators Network and runs science and technology engagement events.
Mathilde is also a happy horse lover, rider and owner, and in another life worked as a horse trek guide in the USA and in New Zealand, where she returns every year for a week of riding.  She also enjoys 3D printing, crafts and sewing as hobbies.  She was born in France and arrived in Australia in 2012.