LILLY-ANNA aka Mia Jameson (Age 9)

Mia is in year 4 at MLC Sydney Burwood, New South Wales

Mia wants to create  a simulation-style game to encourage kids to make healthy, happy, and responsible choices. Aptly named The Well Beings, her app will feature an avatar to look after and rewards for navigating through the decisions surrounding school, family, and health.

The aim of the game is to keep your avatar healthy and well. You have to look after your avatar at school and at home also while taking care of your family members as well as pets, classmates and people at school. While doing that your avatar has a sleep, food and exercising bar. When they are low you should sleep if the sleep bar is low, you should eat a meal if the food bar is low or exercise if the exercising bar is low. 

In the game, every time you do something right you get a gold star. The stars are kept in the top left hand corner. When you get twenty stars you can become a house captain for your house. At the beginning of each new world you can decide which house colour that you want to be in for that game. After you have been a house captain, and you have forty five gold stars you can become a school captain After you have graduated from school you can make a new world!

Mia's superpower running really fast!