LEE-J aka Jodie-Lee Swan (Age 12)

Jodie-Lee is in year 6 at Moura State School, Queensland

Jodie-Lee wants to develop a system to combat bullying both online and in the schoolyard.  Online and off, through her system kids can alert a teacher or supervisor when they need help to solve a problem.

She designed a system that can improve safety around the school from bullying.  Her idea is to make a device that can be used to alert teachers or parents when bullying is occurring so that they can assist the child.  This device would prompt the child as to some steps they can take before help comes.

Jodie-Lee's idea system can detect a child is being bullied, for example, a teacher is on watch every time kids are let out for lunch so there is a button on a tiny pad type thing that has a few buttons on it 
1. if your alone and you have no one to talk to

2. being bullied at the time

3. you need to talk to a teacher

and before pressed you add your name so they can keep a record of how many times this child has been bullied before. When the user has pressed the button a teacher that is on watch is notified and they come to help you. If the experience is cyber bullying on a social website, then Jodie-Lee suggests we should have an offensive language or images bar at the bottom of that page so if someone sees something offensive they can highlight that particular part and report it.

Jodie-Lee has super design powers; she loves to design new devices and ideas.