KOGNITIO aka Kerrie Xiao

Kerrie loves all things STEM, especially information technology, electronics and number theory. She likes to find out how things work, how things could work, and books. She wants to spend her life learning and use her knowledge in ways that may be beneficial to the world.

Kerrie knows that students often struggle to manage their homework, and she has a solution to help keep kids motivated.  Her homework organiser app, My Dog Ate My Homework, turns study into an achievement-earning game: a virtual pet’s happiness depends on study done, and points earned are spent to look after and even customise the pet.

This app that Kerrie has proposed has the potential to increase the amount of homework completed by making it as though it was a game, thus students will be able to achieve higher results, and truly increase the well beings of a school, including students, teachers and parents. Students will feel a great sense of achievement and purpose (like being a superhero!), as well as making the idea of homework entertaining and fun!

Kerrie's superpower is the ability to come up with technological applications of existing theoretical concepts. She would like this power, because then she could create lots of cool stuff of every kind to help make the world a better place.