Jenine aka Jewella

CEO, Director, Entrepreneur, Editor, Author etc etc etc

I run my own business, well three actually, which is the last thing I ever thought I would do.  I studied for a long time at university to become an expert in understanding how people use technology.  I try to combine this knowledge with practical training for those who are conducting research through my company Adroit Research.  I now work at a university teaching Information Technology (IT) to undergraduates and I love teaching others about the opportunities in the computing field. University taught me the love of learning.

I was one of a few girls in my IT degree (but us girls beat the boys most of the time)!  I love that I have been able to create my career the way I want to.  For me, every day is different, and I get to decide when I work, who I work with, and what I work on. There are endless possibilities when working in tech; it's challenging, rewarding and most of the time, FUN!

I recently set up the non-profit Tech Girls Movement to inspire young girls into technology careers, and also to educate their parents and teachers about tech careers and their potential.  I spend my days trying to learn new things about the world and sharing these with others.  I find research to be interesting, challenging and worthwhile.

I am an advocate for diversity in IT and have a long history of organising and presenting to girls at computing events and schools.  I have volunteered in many committees and mentoring programs over the past decade.  I have a strong academic publishing record on gender and IT and run my own research consulting business.  Through my community, consulting and academic activities, I have built connections in Australia with women working in the tech industry, tech companies, industry groups, government, schools and educators in primary, secondary, vocational and tertiary education.

I am the Asia-Pacific representative for the Association for Information Systems-National Center for Women in Technology (US) and the United Nations PRME Coordinator of the global repository on gender and technology. My networks extend to Europe, the United States and Asia.

I have research collaborations with Deakin University, QUT,  the University of Muenster, Germany and the University of Liechtenstein.