INTERSPEED aka Lisa Grobler

Lisa wants to develop an online community where kids can find information, ask questions, recount their stories, and engage in discussion to learn how to deal with cyber bullying.  Her website will also includes games, puzzles, and colouring competitions for kids to get creative and have fun.

Lisa's blog will be filled with tips and tricks open to a all schools - this place is free for users to send question answers, get replies and just plain recounts. Visitors can read what has happened to others and what they did to handle the situation. Visitors can even give suggestions to people of what they could have done when they were bullied. 

Also just for fun on the website … there are games! Questionnaires, cross words....Unjumble the words you find in the crossword and so much more. Colouring sheets for competitions go out each month for those people who love to colour. Subjects are great for learning and the 3 subjects are: why people bully others, what to do if you are bullied online, what Cyber Safety and Cyber Bullying is. There is so much to do!  For this website Lisa used a free website called Weebly and for the games I used Multimedia Fusion 2.

Lisa's superpower is running superfast, like how the Internet loads (super fast!).