INTERFLIX & TYPERVIPER aka Brianna Baker & Elysia McDonald (Age 11)

Brianna and Elysia are in year 6 at the Whitsunday Anglican School, Queensland

The team of Brianna and Elysia want to preserve both our environment and the community spirit in this increasingly digital world.  Their website will provide news, activities, and information on cleaning up and caring for our communities and country.

They are TEAM UP TO CLEAN UP CREW from tech girls. The tech girls are here to change people’s way of cleaning up the community and making a difference to have a cleaner and safer country. The idea is that we need to help the community so we can live in a safe and a healthy environment. Anyone that wants to learn about helping the community go to the website they are working on. 

These tech girls are trying to explain to people that every bit counts know matter how big or small. Brianna uses her superpower as a fast typer and hacker, combined with Elysia's skills to fix the Internet.