Team DCC - Super V and GemStar

Super V aka Valeria Ignatieva

I am a co-founder of Diverse City Careers and Director of B2B Tech Marketing.

I run two businesses- one with a partner (Gemma Lloyd, who’s also in this book) and another on my own. 

Diverse City Careers is where I work with the best companies for women in Australia and help them to find women to work with.  The reason I love this business is because we select who we allow to advertise with us.  That way, the companies where women are not happy at work don’t get to advertise with us. This helps women find the perfect employer for them. 

In my other business, B2B Tech Marketing, I work with tech companies who develop really cool products and I get to help them with marketing activities.  Even though I’ve never had any technical training, it’s great to learn on the job about emerging technologies and how they can help the world.  The fun part is when we get to go to award ceremonies and win lots of trophies!

I love both my jobs because I get to work from wherever I want, whenever I like, with clients from all over Australia.  This leaves me with time to spend on stuff I like outside of work- like playing basketball, going to the gym, doing Pilates and fun things with my son.


GemStar aka Gemma Lloyd

I am a co-founder of Diverse City Careers.

In my job I help women to become more confident in themselves and to find their dream job.  I started my company after working in IT for over 8 years.  It wasn’t always easy being the only woman in meetings and having to prove myself as a much younger person.  I had always dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, and in the past I had a few ideas that I tried to develop, but it wasn’t until I had an idea about creating a unique jobs board for women that I truly found my passion.

Diverse City Careers (DCC) is Australia’s only jobs board that is picky with its clients. We select who we allow to advertise with us based on how the company looks after its female employees.  I also speak at a lot of events where I share my experiences and help other women by teaching them how to progress their careers and achieve their aspirations.

I’ve also been involved in a number of not-for-profit organisations, including serving on the board of Females in IT & Telecommunications (FITT), IT Queensland and the Diversity Practitioners Association.

I love to travel the world and have visited over 21 countries including the USA, Singapore, Israel, Greece, Mexico, France and Egypt. A lot of my ideas and education comes from listening to Podcasts- my current favourite is  ‘This Week in Start-ups’ by Jason Calacanis.