Amrita wants to develop a fun website where kids can play games and puzzles to learn about communication and cyber safety both online and off.  Her site will even include a blog to directly respond to children’s questions and concerns and will give advice for those who find themselves in an unsafe situation online. 

The website will have a blog, games, competitions and worksheets and information. The games include conversations that you have to answer right like if a stranger knocked on your car door and said “give me your address” and you said yes, you would have to retry the level. You would have a few lives.

The second game is where you are surrounded by a bunch of bullies and you have to follow tips from the text before and get away from them. Each month there will be 4 word searches with different levels of difficulty and 1 different theme per month. There will be a blog for asking questions and we answer them. There will be a survey system where you rate it and add in your comments and what to improve while we update it and make it better.

Amrita's superpower is to do maths! :)