Femfighter aka Arra Fuentes

I'm an Incident Manager at Microsoft

Working at Microsoft has opened my eyes to endless possibilities, and given me the ability to truly embrace change.

As an Incident Manager, I get to partner with senior Technical Account Managers and Service Delivery Managers who provide me with mentoring and guidance to assist in the future development of my career.





As Incident Manager, I mainly focus on reactive cases, meaning each day is different.  The variety within my job enables me to develop new skills and absorb more knowledge.  This all happens whilst exposing me to challenging situations and enabling me to push boundaries.

Working under pressure, whilst still delivering customer satisfaction, keeps me up on my toes and allows me to reach my full potential. Being acknowledged for my hard work truly motivates me to perform better and go above and beyond of what is expected of me.  Being an Incident Manager allows me to do just that.