FEDPOW aka Georgia Townsend (Age 13)

Georgia is in year 9 at Clayfield College, Brisbane, Queensland

Georgia has proposed to design an app to help kids literally not let offensive messages get to them. Her phone app, Bully Buster, allows kids to block communications based on a language filter. Additionally, it provides information and tips for kids and parents to help stop bullying.

Bully Buster aims to reduce the risk and amount of bullying that is happening over social media in today’s society. Any time a text with words associated with bullying is instigated (that is, any inappropriate language, slander or personal questions), the message will be withheld and blocked from the receiver and an alert will be sent to both parties in the following way- To the sender: Warning! Inappropriate text has been detected. Please review before re-sending. To the receiver: Warning! Inappropriate text from ********** (phone number) has been blocked. With the app comes a default word list made up from research indicating the inappropriate words/phrases.

The list of inappropriate words can be individualized (for example, for a child all inappropriate words would result in blocking, however for an adult you could censor which words they deemed inappropriate). The parents or caregivers can use the default settings or using their own set password, they can add or delete words/phrases as they wish at no cost. Parent’s smart phones can also receive an alert via SMS if someone (for example, a child) has attempted to use a code to enter the word list.

Georgia's superpower is the ability to move objects and people (including herself) with precision and force using her mind. She chose this power because she has always wanted to be able to lift things with her mind, and she is influenced by her tennis idol, Roger Federer.