Eureka aka Clarisse Reyes

I'm a Technical Account Manager at Microsoft

What I love about my job is the fact I get to combine two of my passions – people and technology. Now you would probably think that after completing an IT degree that I would be spending most of my time alone, doing a lot of programming. However, the truth is I don’t spend my days programming at all! I spend most of my time working with people from all walks of life.

My role as Technical Account Manager at Microsoft, is focused on and maintaining strong relationships with my clients. I don’t always do the same thing every day which is really exciting because I come into work every day knowing there is something new to learn. I can be planning activities with a University one day which aims to improve their IT infrastructure one day and then next day I might have to work with Microsoft engineers in China help a commercial business resume operations after suffering an outage in a remote part of Australia!

One of most satisfying aspects of my job is when I see that my clients deliver a project to their end clients that not only simplifies their day to day operations, but also enables their organisation’s end users to access services that empower them to achieve their potential.

Cool stuff   

I travelled to the US twice with Microsoft and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my career so far. I met some of the most amazing and interesting personalities and I am lucky to now have friends who are like-minded from across the world!

 :I volunteer within Microsoft and my former University – UTS to talk to high school students about what it is like studying an IT degree and working for an IT company. The reason why I do so is because, when I was in High School a lady from IBM opened my eyes to  the possibilities that a career in technology brings. I hope to return the favour by paying it forward and hopefully inspiring another individual to do the same. :)

Definitely check out Learning how to code not only allows you to create app or a website, but it also helps you learn skills which open your mind to endless solutions. The way you look at an impossible problem changes because you will no longer see that problem as impossible – you will start to see it puzzle with a solution that hasn’t been discovered yet because the options are infinite. Even if you don’t want to program you can always look in the design aspect of IT.  I studied Enterprise Systems Development and Marketing at university and what I ended up loving the most about my degree is the exposure to User Experience and Human Computer interaction subjects!

I love the beach and summer! I also have a keen interest in make up and fashion – shoes in particular! So definitely not your typical Geek!