Equita aka Elena Gorbacheva

I'm a research assistant and a PhD candidate at the Chair for Information Systems and Information Management at the University of Muenster – the Headquarters of the European Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS), Germany

My favourite websites 

www.muenster.de/en/ - my favourite city. I am so lucky I live there now :)        

www.festival-cannes.com – most of my favourite movies were first shown at this film festival·        

www.couchsurfing.org – the social network for backpackers, irreplaceable source for finding hosts and connecting with travellers from all over the world       

www.boomfestival.org – my favourite music and art festival


What I love about what I do:  

In my PhD I try to address the existing challenges of underrepresentation and declining numbers of girls and women in Information Systems (IS), as well as under-theorization and immaturity of the gender and IS research field.

Besides doing research and writing scientific papers, I have teaching tasks (preparation of lectures and seminars) and administrative tasks (support of international students). I really love what I am doing, as each day is different and I constantly learn something new. I love this absence of routine and flexibility and freedom I have.

Doing research includes presentation of its results, so I travel a lot and find it amazing! Travelling, meeting interesting people, and collecting new experiences and emotions are my biggest passions! And my current job highly supports it all. :)

Sport (jogging, swimming and hiking) is another integral part on my life, which together with yoga help me to preserve internal harmony and balance. In my free time I also like watching documentary movies and interviews with interesting people.