Enthusiastica aka Sara Price (high school)

1ST PLACE WINNER in the 2014 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero

Sara is a student at Melbourne Girls Grammar School, Victoria

I am a student at Melbourne Girls Grammar.  When I’m older, I am interested in working in the area of creative psychology – I want to combine art, technology and psychology to create cool tools to help improve people's well-being (especially kids).  I am 14 years old, enjoy playing sport, reading, social media and technology.

When I was 9 years old, as part of a school project, I created an idea on PowerPoint to help children challenge their negative thoughts or the negative stories we all tell ourselves at times.  I wanted to help people understand they have a choice about how they think and how they choose to respond to feelings.  If you want to see things differently and be more optimistic you can.  The app asks questions in a fun way to challenge your thinking.

My PowerPoint project sparked the idea to create it into an app and from there the IOS and Android app Positive Penguins was born.  To date I have had over 25,000 downloads of the app with many schools in the USA and Australia using the app in the classroom.  I love the idea of creating apps to help kids see things differently and since creating Positive Penguins, with a fellow student I have created 2 more fun apps.

My superhero name is Enthusiastica and my super power would be a thought shifter so I can shift people’s thoughts and turn them into more positive ones, helping people find a solution to their negative thoughts.

I believe sometimes it is the simple superpowers that can change the world… one thought at a time….


“You choose the stories you tell yourself - choose wisely”