1ST PLACE WINNER in the 2014 Search for the Next Tech Girl Superhero

Sara has created Positive Penguins, an app  (ios and android) to help children understand their emotions come from their thinking and teach them to challenge (or problem solve) the negative stories they tell themselves. This is especially important when feelings relate to bullying, being different, anxiety, worry etc. Sara originally created the idea on a powerpoint for a school presentation in year 3 on healthy mind, healthy body. Her teacher, school, parents all supported her idea and with the help of her parents (financially), Sara had the app coded for her based on her innovative idea. So far Sara has sold over 15,000 apps and has had lots of positive feedback to show the app really helps kids change their negative stories.

Her website for the app is www.positivepenguins.com

Sara's superpower is to be a thought shifter - she  can shift peoples thoughts and turn them into more positive ones and help people find a solution to their negative thoughts.