Dreamstar aka Desiree Kelly

I am a professional software developer and CEO of Pathfinder Mobile Software

We develop creative and innovative mobile applications for clients.  We are passionate about the mobile software development process and working with clients to bring their mobile applications to life. 

In 2013, I graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Information Technology degree, majoring in Software Engineering.  What I love about what I do is that I get to be a part of a constantly changing and growing world of technology.  I get to see, and be a part of, so many interesting projects and innovations.  I love to travel and IT offers so many opportunities to travel around the world and work in different cities.  IT professionals are well looked after and well paid.   


I find that as a software developer, I never get bored.  I’m always working on something new and interesting.  I’m always finding new challenges and solving new problems. 

The thing I love the most is when I find out that I have inspired others and helped them to find their strengths and their passions in technology.  This is a really rewarding experience.

I have been fortunate to meet many amazingly talented and generous people throughout my journey in IT.  People who have helped me, guided me and mentored me.  These people inspired me and selflessly gave up their time to help me succeed.  This is why I feel it is so important for me to help and inspire others.