Dragonfly aka Ros Pepicelli

I'm a Supervisor @ EY

In my job I enjoy the variety of working with different clients and industries. I learn something new from every job, allowing me to build my skill set and meaning I never get bored!  I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world and meet great people whilst working on exciting projects or new technology.  Working in IT security comes with cool techie toys so I can always stay up to date with the latest hacks and the best protection from them.  Each day I wear multiple hats; consultant, auditor, manager and learner.  This keeps life interesting and each day brings a new challenge.

My fave websites... 

Any IT security news site, helps me keep an eye on what's going on in Australia and around the world!  But in particular I like...

I love to read Jane Austen - with technology changing so fast it's nice to go back to where there was no facebook relationship status, internet or hashtags.

Music drives my mood; pop music for smashing out a report on those late nights, rock music for a long run to keep me motivated, and Jimmy Eat World anytime!