Kickstarter fully funded! Very thankful to YOU :)

I want to say a very BIG THANK YOU to all of you for your great support with the Kickstarter campaign. I'm very happy to report that the $5000 was fully funded by 88 backers with less than 24 hours to spare! I am inspired by the generosity of not only people I know with your time and money, but also of the many people who donated that I've never met before. The amazing comments I posted in the last post (received via the kickstarter campaign) were culminated in these 2 comments from donators who I've not met and 2 from those I know. These inspire me no end so thank you for sending them to me!  We have lift off! :)

Matt M says:

"Congratulations on reaching your goal - really thrilled to see the project's imminent success :-)

I can promise that my two little geek girls will be most interested to read the books. One is 12 and going into high school next year, and the other is 8. Both enthusiastic geeks, but their lives are still ahead of them and they have their own choices to make.

I can only hope that the sky will be the limit for them, and hopefully the project helps them and other girls to see that IT is not only a viable career to consider, but that it needs them. I've been fortunate to work, and be friends with, some amazingly talented women in my time.

Once again, congratulations!"

Louise says

Great to see this happen. I have two daughters, 13 and 10 -- and I look forward to participating in this movement. Tech girls ARE cool and chic and smart and off centre. Go women in tech, it's been a boys playground for too long. Also great to see male support, tech guys are great too!

My mum who is a Tech Girl herself

So proud of you making this happen as you have worked so very hard to help so many girls now and in years to come, you are more than an inspiration and have made your mark on a so many people xo

Lizzie (my colleague/friend)

Way to go Jenine. You are such a star and an inspiration to those women who need profile in IT and IS. Congrats on making the target and making a difference. Take a bow!

I will list all sponsor names (sans amounts) on the website in the next week to give you an ongoing special mention. Thank you again! :)