Kickstarter funded 70% - 64 Backers - 63 hours to get to 100%

Wow 64 backers! The campaign has been going great but I need your help to get over the line! Thanks so very much for your generous donations! I'm so excited to have raised this much!

I humbly ask you to spread the word to help me get to my $5000 goal in the next 63 hours. I've been humbled by some of the comments I've received....

"I saw the post on systers and wanted to help out. As someone who just broke into the tech field and is ABSOLUTELY loving it, I totally think we need more role models!"

"I have been a strong believer in women in IT, ever since I entered the industry myself some 19 years ago. As a father of two gorgeous girls, it means even more to me now than ever before. I don't, by any means, want to push them into following in my footsteps - they'll do what they want to do - but I certainly want them to see the opportunity as in any other career. So I'm glad to back your project, and I hope that you meet your goal!"

"Really believe in what you're doing"

"Being a father of two girls also has a little to do with it {my donation] :-)"

Thank you!!!