Launch of the new Tech Girls initiative!


Time for a new adventure! Many of you know, I'm Jenine Beekhuyzen and I'm the founder of the Tech Girls movement. Six years ago the "pink" book Tech Girls are Chic! was launched on International Womens Day.  Nearly 20 000 books later, countless inspiring school visits (I'm the one who is inspired! :)), the books can be found in schools across Australia, through IBM excITe camps in Asia and even at for some time.

The feedback from girls, parents and teachers has been amazing. Girls tell me they are now studying IT at university after reading the pink book in high school. How cool! This was the whole purpose of the book, and the lovely young lady who told me this at a women in computing event recently has given me new purpose for this new initiative.

So I'm asking for your help to raise funds and to raise the profile of the Tech Girls movement. I'm working at building a fan community through new archetypes that will inspire and empower young girls to a career in computing. We will launch on the 8th of March 2014 - International Womens Day.


How can you get involved? 

  1. Sponsorship funds - contact us if you can financially support us through your organisation
  2. Crowdfunding funds - you can buy a cool t-shirt in our new tFund campaign. If we sell 100 - they get made and if not, we don't receive anything and they don't get made, which would be a shame as they are such cool shirts. Great xmas gifts :) 
  3. You can financially sponsor as an individual or as a smaller donation from a company via our Kickstarter campaign which will be launched in Australia on the 13th of November. We have some great rewards! I will post the link when available.

So I invite you to come on this journey with me....Let's go!

Jenine :)


Apologies that the original Tech Girls are Chic! website is out of date. The information there is still relevant and I'm putting all of my efforts into the new website and campaign. But if you are feeling nostalgic...Check out the website here