Meet the Tech Girls Superheroes at the launch! IWD 8.3.14

The Book Cover!

With 25 days to go, I super excited to announce that the hard copy book is off to the printer - all ~125 pages of it! Time to work on the e-book now to have them both ready for the launch on International Womens Day on the 8th of March. There are 19 tech superhero stories and 26 awesome gals being profiled. I'm really proud of the final product...I hope you like the cover! Feel free to share it (it is licensed under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND).

Introducing the Tech Girl Superhero mavens!

Come to the launch on IWD at the State Library in Brisbane to meet the Tech Girl Superheroes! I'm very proud of what we have put together.

Jenine Beekhuyzen - Jessica Korte - Pia Waugh - Marta Indulska - Eva Cheng - Monica Hubele - Rosaria Pepicelli - Prachi Redey - Kay Lam-Beattie - Jonna Häkkilä - Bronwen Zande - Jacquie Ford - Kim Chatterjee - Sarah Killey - Katie Miller - Katie Bell - Elena Gorbacheva - Katrina Wong - Arra Fuentes - Clarisse Reyes - Samantha Said - Haneesha Nimmagadda - Wasana Bandara - Norizan Safraudin - Desiree Kelly - Anna Kalma

The Launch!

International Womens Day - Join us on the 8th March 2014

The launch is shaping up to be the party of the year. With great networking opportunities with others in the IT industry over food and drinks, there will be fun entertainment, surprise performances, competitions, goodie bags, tech displays, superheroes, and a whole lot more!

Tickets are $70 ($60 for students) - come enjoy a fun night out! Tickets are selling fast so get in quick! Get your superhero on! 

Kickstarter fully funded! Very thankful to YOU :)

I want to say a very BIG THANK YOU to all of you for your great support with the Kickstarter campaign. I'm very happy to report that the $5000 was fully funded by 88 backers with less than 24 hours to spare! I am inspired by the generosity of not only people I know with your time and money, but also of the many people who donated that I've never met before. The amazing comments I posted in the last post (received via the kickstarter campaign) were culminated in these 2 comments from donators who I've not met and 2 from those I know. These inspire me no end so thank you for sending them to me!  We have lift off! :)

Matt M says:

"Congratulations on reaching your goal - really thrilled to see the project's imminent success :-)

I can promise that my two little geek girls will be most interested to read the books. One is 12 and going into high school next year, and the other is 8. Both enthusiastic geeks, but their lives are still ahead of them and they have their own choices to make.

I can only hope that the sky will be the limit for them, and hopefully the project helps them and other girls to see that IT is not only a viable career to consider, but that it needs them. I've been fortunate to work, and be friends with, some amazingly talented women in my time.

Once again, congratulations!"

Louise says

Great to see this happen. I have two daughters, 13 and 10 -- and I look forward to participating in this movement. Tech girls ARE cool and chic and smart and off centre. Go women in tech, it's been a boys playground for too long. Also great to see male support, tech guys are great too!

My mum who is a Tech Girl herself

So proud of you making this happen as you have worked so very hard to help so many girls now and in years to come, you are more than an inspiration and have made your mark on a so many people xo

Lizzie (my colleague/friend)

Way to go Jenine. You are such a star and an inspiration to those women who need profile in IT and IS. Congrats on making the target and making a difference. Take a bow!

I will list all sponsor names (sans amounts) on the website in the next week to give you an ongoing special mention. Thank you again! :)



Kickstarter funded 70% - 64 Backers - 63 hours to get to 100%

Wow 64 backers! The campaign has been going great but I need your help to get over the line! Thanks so very much for your generous donations! I'm so excited to have raised this much!

I humbly ask you to spread the word to help me get to my $5000 goal in the next 63 hours. I've been humbled by some of the comments I've received....

"I saw the post on systers and wanted to help out. As someone who just broke into the tech field and is ABSOLUTELY loving it, I totally think we need more role models!"

"I have been a strong believer in women in IT, ever since I entered the industry myself some 19 years ago. As a father of two gorgeous girls, it means even more to me now than ever before. I don't, by any means, want to push them into following in my footsteps - they'll do what they want to do - but I certainly want them to see the opportunity as in any other career. So I'm glad to back your project, and I hope that you meet your goal!"

"Really believe in what you're doing"

"Being a father of two girls also has a little to do with it {my donation] :-)"

Thank you!!!




Kickstarter funded 44% - help get to 100%

Exciting news! The kickstarter campaign has now reached 44% of the required funding! Thank you to everyone who has supported so far - your generous donations help to bring this initiative to life.

I'm asking for your help to promote the campaign for the final 12 days...let's reach the target of $5000.

I've had some really inspiring comments from those of you who have donated - particularly from the men! Some say how much they want their daughters to know about the opportunities in the IT industry, others feel that the industry they work in will be greatly enhanced by more diversity.

Thank you for joining and promoting the Tech Girls Movement!


Kickstarter kicks off! We are one of the first projects in oz!



The world-famous crowd-funding site, Kickstarter, is now available in Australia and to celebrate its launch, The “Tech Girls Are Superheroes” movement- a non-profit that’s challenging the geek-boy stereotype in IT - has become one of the first local organisations to jump on board.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 10.03.59 AM.png


Girls are prolific users of technology today, yet the information & ccommunication technology industry around the world is still dominated by males… and the problem is only getting worse. The Tech Girls’ founder, Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen, believes that this state of under-representation should not be normalized and it should not be accepted as just the way things are. Research shows that mixed teams make better decisions.


Dr. Beekhuyzen explains, “The Tech Girls Movement is entering into its sixth year, and we’ve had a fantastic response so far, but through our Kickstarter campaign, we hope to leverage the support of our community, and make it bigger than ever!”

 “The little pink book again will be self-published, and more than 20,000 free copies have been distributed to Australian school girls. With this Kickstarter campaign, I’m hoping to raise funds to reach even more girls this time around, plus we’re going digital, adding apps, games, and an eBook, which will complement in-school events and a whole lot more!”

Tech Girls will be among the very first to put the Australian spirit of community support behind a great youth initiative using this amazing technology – Let’s kick off!

“The goal is to raise $5,000But we’ll take more if we can get it!” We only get the funds if the goal is reached.

Tech girls – a brief history

Dr. Beekhuyzen launched the ‘Tech Girls are Chic!’ (pink) book back in 2008. The book profiled 16 women who had created successful careers in technology, and managed to do it while remaining chic and feminine. The book showed young girls that there are many types of IT jobs with endless opportunities to succeed.


Launch of the new Tech Girls initiative!


Time for a new adventure! Many of you know, I'm Jenine Beekhuyzen and I'm the founder of the Tech Girls movement. Six years ago the "pink" book Tech Girls are Chic! was launched on International Womens Day.  Nearly 20 000 books later, countless inspiring school visits (I'm the one who is inspired! :)), the books can be found in schools across Australia, through IBM excITe camps in Asia and even at for some time.

The feedback from girls, parents and teachers has been amazing. Girls tell me they are now studying IT at university after reading the pink book in high school. How cool! This was the whole purpose of the book, and the lovely young lady who told me this at a women in computing event recently has given me new purpose for this new initiative.

So I'm asking for your help to raise funds and to raise the profile of the Tech Girls movement. I'm working at building a fan community through new archetypes that will inspire and empower young girls to a career in computing. We will launch on the 8th of March 2014 - International Womens Day.


How can you get involved? 

  1. Sponsorship funds - contact us if you can financially support us through your organisation
  2. Crowdfunding funds - you can buy a cool t-shirt in our new tFund campaign. If we sell 100 - they get made and if not, we don't receive anything and they don't get made, which would be a shame as they are such cool shirts. Great xmas gifts :) 
  3. You can financially sponsor as an individual or as a smaller donation from a company via our Kickstarter campaign which will be launched in Australia on the 13th of November. We have some great rewards! I will post the link when available.

So I invite you to come on this journey with me....Let's go!

Jenine :)


Apologies that the original Tech Girls are Chic! website is out of date. The information there is still relevant and I'm putting all of my efforts into the new website and campaign. But if you are feeling nostalgic...Check out the website here