Anna Divoli aka Euresi

What's your job and what do you like about it?

I am the Head of Research & Development at Pingar, a startup that develops technology allowing computers to read human language, understand it, and convert it into structured data. 

The software we develop ensures machines do super-fast work that most humans find boring.  This allows small or large organisations to know and organise the content of their documents, emails, articles, etc., while freeing humans to do more interesting work. 

On a day-to-day basis, I love talking to clients to better understand the problems they are facing and offering them solutions (most of the time). I also get to work with a bunch of super smart scientists and engineers to constantly improve our technology and add more features. 

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How do you identify with your superhero identity?

Euresi eliminates text/document noise and allows people to find the information they are after.  This is exactly what I am passionate about.  Ensuring we as humans, can access what we are looking for with a little help from the machines.  It is awesome that I make a living from teaching the machines how to help us.  

Final message:

We shouldn't worry too much early on about finding our niche. If we follow our passion(s), it will find us.  I loved mathematics and science at school and I did not enjoy at all learning grammar and foreign languages.  I ended up studying biomedical sciences at university and, missing the mathematical aspect, continued with an informatics masters. There I learned about computational linguistics, a field that sees human languages in an analytical way, a way that you can introduce languages to computers.  The way I saw languages and grammar all of a sudden changed.  I got to combine computational linguistics, informatics, and Biomedical sciences for my PhD - I am a lucky girl!