Agent Fox aka Katie Bell

I'm a Senior Software Engineer - Site Reliability Engineering 

I'm a Software Engineer at Google.  I've been at Google for over 5 years now and have worked on a few different projects in that time.  I'm in a reliability engineering team, meaning we get to play with the big toys.  We have thousands of computers at our disposal and we work on storing large amounts of information reliably, meaning that if some (or lots) of the computers break we don't lose any of the data.  I work on re-architecting our systems so they scale to meet the huge demand that Google deals with every day.  My team is responsible for jumping in and fixing it whenever it breaks, using new and interesting methods. I spend my days discussing new designs with my team, investigating strange problems and planning our strategies for scaling the system further.  I love that everyday there is a different piece of the system to understand, and that you never see the same problem twice.  I'm from Australia and I now live in Switzerland.  In my spare time I'm learning German and traveling around Europe.

I also help out with the National Computer Science School, a summer camp where students in years 10-12 can come to learn to programme and generally have a lot of fun.  There's also an awesome course you can do online at Grok Learning to learn Python - one of my favorite programming languages which I use at work, but is also great because it's easy to learn.

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