The Tech Girls Movement is working at changing the image of the IT industry through a number of initiatives to empower school girls to embrace their inner geek. We are also producing media campaigns to show the awesome opportunities in the IT industry.


This new project Tech Girls Are Superheroes builds upon the success of the Tech Girls are Chic! pink book which has gone out free to nearly 20 000 school girls in the past six years.

Girls ARE now studying IT after reading the book and there is ongoing demand. Thus the new project will be more than just a book, the Tech Girls are moving into the new tech era and you'll find them on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook and so much more. But the not-for-profit project relies on the generosity of you and your organisations. Support diversity and the future of the technology industry in Australia. Contact me today, I'd love to work with you!

About the Founder:

Jenine Beekhuyzen is the Founder of the Tech Girls Movement, the non- profit organisation set up to run the Tech Girls Are Superheroes campaign. Jenine is the creator of the Tech Girls are Chic! pink book and there is direct evidence that girls are now studying technology degrees at university since reading the book in high school. Within continued demand for books and obvious success, the new initiative was born.

Jenine is an advocate and has a long history of organising and presenting at girls and computing events and visiting schools. She has volunteered in many committees and mentoring programs over the past decade. She has a strong academic publishing record on gender and IT and runs her own research consulting business. Through her community, consulting and academic activities, she has built connections at a local level in Australia with women working in the tech industry, tech companies, industry groups, government, schools and teachers, and educators in vocational and tertiary education.

Jenine is a university lecturer in Information Technology and she serves a number of editorial roles in academic journals. She is the Asia-Pacific representative for the Association for Information Systems-National Center for Women in Technology (US) and the United Nations PRME Coordinator of the global repository on gender and technology. Her networks extend to Europe, the United States and Asia.